Monty Python live in Vancouver 1973 Part 2

Monty Python Live in Vancouver June 1973

No sound but some great footage.


John: “Um… Michael is, I think, probably the funniest, really. In conve… He’s delightfully silly and he’s able to run into absolutely inspired…spells of complete… It’s creative genius, actually. I mean, he just goes in certian characters and he just creates material. Really, the only person I know who can do that apart from Peter Cook. And he’s a terribly nice man, Michael. I always tell him he’s much too nice for his own good.”

Michael: “Oh, Cleesy…. Yes. A strange, a strange fellow, Cleesy. I’ve never actually seen the top of him, he’s always in a cloud.

John: “Eric Idle, yes. Eric does a lot of jokes. You have to slow Eric down on the jokes just a little bit. It’s alright the first 3 hours, you know, but….”

Eric: “He’s a very tender person. Very shy and really soft inside. He puts on this huge exteror. Bluff. He gets very cross, you know, he gets very worked up and the great things about his comedy is that he works it absolutely all out. It’s all upfront. Straight out and used. It’s very healthy. But he’s really a cutie.”


Pythonites, you are seriously the most wonderful people ever. omg. feels for the fandom.